Memorandum of Association

Name: The name of the Association shall be the ‘All India Kashmiri Samaj’, herein referred to as the “AIKS”

(A) Registered Office: The registered office of the AIKS shall be in Allahabad.

(B) Head Quarter: AIKS may have several branch offices as decided by the Executive Committee. Presently, its Headquarter shall be in NCR Delhi at D-90, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi-110023.

(C) Jurisdiction: The area of administrative operation of AIKS will be worldwide.

Objectives of the Association

1. To be the voice of all Kashmiris by virtue of being the sole apex body of all associations of Kashmiris located within India and abroad in all matters which affect their individual and collective well being.
2. To extend educational and medical assistance to the needy in the community.
3. To foster the welfare of the community in an overall atmosphere of national integrity.
4. To protect, preserve and foster the cultural identity of Kashmiris.
5. To undertake charitable work to provide relief and support to deserving members of the community and other identifiable just causes.
6. To act as a clearing house for information and policy formulation, and to monitor and guide the activities of its constituents.
7. To publish journals, newsletters, policy papers in pursuance of the aims and objectives of the organisation.
8. To enter into contracts, deeds, agreements and other financial instruments in furtherance of its objectives.
9. To manage properties of Kashmiri Hindus, willed/unclaimed or approved by State Governments as custodians of the property i.e. Dharamshalas and temples (Public properties) and confer on AIKS a status analogous to Wakf Board of the Muslim community or SGPC.
10. To acquire by purchase, lease and loan, mortgage, gift or otherwise, disposal by sale, movable and immovable properties and assets in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the organisation.
11. To collect subscriptions, donations, advances, loans, and offer scholarships, grants, donations, both in cash and kind, for meeting the objectives of the organisation.
12. To appoint, and dismiss employees and seek advice of experts, and pay honoraria, salaries, fees, allowances and other remunerations and also impose penalties on defaulters, as the case may be.
13. To accept notices, summons, negotiate, arbitrate and litigate in all recognized fora in the cause of the organisation.
14. To do all other things not specifically mentioned herein in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the organisation.